Impressive women #MujeresCometas

There are some impressive women out there.

When they pass, the leave a trail behind them, they sparkle with positive energy.

Just like comets.

Every time I see one, I wish I could be closer to her. They shine and their light is rich of a thousand colors.

But it’s usually hard to meet them. You can see them pass by, but you can’t keep them for long.

They are usually busy making this a better place.

Sometimes you can have a coffee with them, or even eat lunch together. If you are really lucky, you might have the opportunity to work with them for a couple of months.

I recently had this chance. I worked for an impressive leader who has at the same time a strategic vision and highly developed social skills. Always honest, eager to help, smart and attentive, she knows how to use the right words at the right time.

And she is…

really humble.

I enjoy a lot being close to these women. You might wonder, why?

It’s probably because I grew up with several women like that, my father is a smart man, but my mother’s emotional intelligence has always been impressive.

There’s research that confirms that if a team includes more women, its collective intelligence rises.

I enjoy being part of intelligent groups, and I admire smart and bold women. So I thought it could be a good idea to acknowledge these comets and made a list of impressive women that lead like Ela Bhatt taught us:

« A leader is someone who helps others lead ».

Here they are:

Indeed, the list is incomplete. Some other amazing ladies should be on it, some others don’t have a twitter account.

But if you know other women like them, please let us know. I’m like an astronomer, it makes me really happy to know when another comet will pass by.

Feel free to comment and share with us the five comets you admire.

Digital Transformation : Lean as an Obvious Strategy

Choosing between focusing on Enterprise 2.0 or Lean? Go for lean methodologies.


Surf Lacanau

(Version Française)

When I decided last year to take a new turn in my career, I was lucky enough to be able to choose from two different options, both very exciting: Enterprise 2.0 / Social Business on one hand , lean on the other.

After much thought, I have chosen the second option because it seems to me more deeply aligned with the challenges of today’s business, namely the need to navigate through the turbulences of our uncertain world. These turbulences and uncertainty are largely related to the digitization of our daily lives: the digital transformation of the organization therefore seems inevitable.

My hypothesis is that today, Lean is the obvious strategy to carry out this transformation, for the following reasons:

  1. digital transformation actually means a radicalization of the use of new technological opportunities,
  2. it’s all about management principles
  3. a model exists, embodied by the born digital companies (Google…

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Fighting devastating ignorance, by Hans Rosling.

Here’s a TED talk worth watching: Hans Rosling presents in a funny and informative way how most of us have a high degree of ignorance of the development of our world. By having strong biaises today, we make wrong decisions that will affect our future.

To solve that, Ola Rosling gives us some insights about how to prevent our misconceptions and outdated knowledge from taking the wrong paths.


Applying for a job with no positive replies? Your name might be the « problem ».

Yes, discrimination exists in our world and when you apply for a job your name might be the « problem ».

Here are several articles that describe how changing the applicants name has a significant impact in different countries, be it Australia, Canada, Sweden or the USA. I’m pretty sure it has happened to me in France when I applied for jobs there. 

What to do about it?

Could changing your name in your applications help you land an interview? 

What are your thoughts? 




You will feel frustrated. But here’s how to deal with it.

I’d like to introduce you to a dear friend of mine. But I’m pretty sure you’ve met him-her before.

It’s name is Frustration.

Like it or not, in some point of our lives we will feel frustrated.  So here’s how I’ve learned to deal with this friendly situation.

In 2004, I discovered a new sport: ultimate frisbee. I fell in love with it and the people who played it. But there was no team in my Cuernavaca, our city, so I decided to create one.

So with Mike, a good friend who also fell in love with the sport,  we decided to build up a team.

You’ve got two new players, with no formal training, no coach, just determination and love for a sport and its people. And so I started reading anything I could about ultimate.

I found a guide for new coaches that opened my eyes, the first sentence started with something like this:

« You will feel frustrated. » « 

« But now that you know it, you have a real advantage: when you see frustration in front of you, jump it and keep on going. »

That’s the secret.

Just remember, in life, and work,  and everywhere you go, you will at some point find yourself frustrated. Frustration will be there by you and make you angry, upset and in a bad mood. When that happens, just remember that you’ll have to put yourself together, get all your positive energy and jump over it!.

It might imply dealing with difficult people or situations, but your path is ahead and you know it. Just keep on going. Life is just like an obstacle race. Just focus your energy on reaching the end, not on the obstacles.

PS 1: The team grew, we had four trainings a week. Over 30 players in about a year, both men and women.  We focused on recruiting new team members and building everyone’s skills to develop a solid mixed team.

In our first tournaments we usually lost: 13-0, 11-1, 10-2 and so on. But we won the « Spirit of the game » award 3 times in two years: based on fair play and our positive energy.

Our team’s name was Barrankos, in 2006 it dissolved and the younger players created a new one with great energy: Candela. Later on, Bart  (a former Barranko and Candelo) moved to Mexico city to create a new team: Kowabunga. And their team is one of the best teams in Mexico these days.

Ten years later, there are two live communities playing ultimate frisbee in Cuernavaca and Mexico.

PS 2: Today is the birthday of Mike. And tomorrow we’ll play at an ultimate frisbee tournament with my beloved friends.

Qué vuele el disco!

Opportunities don’t float like clouds in the sky

Thinking about a job transition?

Sometimes you find yourself sending applications all over the web and getting no reply. 

Frustrating, I know. 

There’s another way to approach the problem. You might not be looking for a job, but for an opportunity to show your potential. 

If you see it this way, you are not looking for someone to pay you money, but looking for an individual who will partner with you to create value together. Then the approach is different, and the way to find this opportunity is by finding the right person.

Reid Hoffman says it clearly in his book The Startup of you:

« Opportunities do not float like clouds in the sky, they are attached to people. 

So if you are looking for an opportunity, then you are looking for a person. » 


Then your approach to the issue might involve getting out of your comfort zone, out of the building, and start reaching out to people in conferences, workshops, by volunteering, joining sports communities and online groups.

Got other ideas?

Feel free to share and comment.

: )